After Maven Fair… Wednesday, May 16 2007 

I made/finished a *ton* of new pieces last week in preparation for Maven Fair…but unfortunately was so focused on getting them finished that I didn’t take the time to properly photograph much of anything. I did snap some shots at Maven, but without my good lighting set-up, most of them didn’t turn out too well. Here’s one decent photo of a resin pendant:

brass, resin, silver, acrylic paint

And here’s a really bad picture of my favorite new fused pendant. I think I posted it in progress a few weeks ago, and it’s really beautiful now that it’s finished (yeah, tooting my own horn, but I’m really happy with it….). I’ll post a better pic after I take photos of the new stuff that I didn’t sell before photographing.

fused silver pendant with snake-like curves

Hopefully in the next few days I’ll be posting lots of pictures, especially of the latest batch of resin pendants. I have big plans to start working on some more all-metal pieces, and there’s a bracelet design floating around in my head, which is rare for me – I hardly ever make bracelets, but if my design idea works out, that could change. Maven Fair was a blast, but it’s always a relief to be finished with a show – they take so much of my energy for a week or two before the actual show, and of course the day of is always pretty busy.

I have some news – my work is now being represented at the House of Lyndon gallery in Gallup, New Mexico. They are showing some of my favorite wire wrapped pieces and some metalwork, including one of my fused fine silver pendants.

Also, I have a show coming up in San Jose on June 3rd. Details are on the Pleasanton Craft Mafia site .


Stick pearl pendant Tuesday, May 8 2007 

pendant with freeform shaped stick pearl This pendant is one I actually forgot to post a few weeks ago. This interestingly shaped stick pearl/shell (I’m not sure what the technical term is) is so beautiful that it took me a long time, after buying it, to figure out what to do with it. I went with a simple freeform wrap in Argentium sterling silver, and dangled a pearl at the end.

More resin Friday, Apr 27 2007 

in progress - reversible resin pendantThis one is almost finished – it is actually reversible, with a completely different look on the other side (I’ll post that eventually, once the piece is finished).

This side is colored with two different kinds of makeup – a blue shimmery eyeshadow, and some silver glitter dust (which I never figured out what to do with in terms of makeup). To separate the two colors visually, I made a curvy corrugated brass shape.

Fusing project – in progress Thursday, Apr 26 2007 

fused silver pendant, in progressI started working on a new fused pendant. At this stage, I shaped the base, which is made from Argentium silver, and fused some small pieces of thin-gauge fine silver to it.

I’m taking a little break to figure out where I want to go next – I was thinking about adding another structural element and then wiring on some pearls and stone beads later, but it might also be nice as just the wavy metal piece, so I have to decide which direction to go for the final design.

Resin Tuesday, Apr 17 2007 

hardware resin pendants in progress

Not jewelry… Tuesday, Apr 17 2007 

crocheted wash clothI’m *still* working on knitting a sweater, I’ve read three mystery novels in the last week, and I have a bunch of resin pendants in progress that I’m excited about. And I got my taxes done – whew! It’s been busy!

This weekend, I wanted to make something easy and practical, so I came up with this small crocheted cotton wash cloth that has a loop so I can hang it on a hook in the shower. It’s not the prettiest thing I’ve ever made (although I bet it would look more impressive if I bothered to block it – I figured since it’s going to get wet, why bother) but it will definitely be useful.

In case anyone wants to make one, you need some worsted weight cotton yarn and an appropriately sized crochet hook (4-5 mm works well for me with most worsted yarn). I chained a few inches & joined the chain with a slip stitch for the hanging loop, then I chained maybe six inches more for the width of the cloth. I single crocheted a couple of rows, then alternated double crochet and single crochet rows until it was almost as long as I wanted, then single crocheted a couple more rows so the top and bottom edges look the same. Then I just wove my ends in.

This project was completed while I listened to the A’s/Yankees game on Sunday – in case you missed it, the A’s were losing 4-2 and it was the bottom of the 9th inning, and they managed to get two men on base with two outs. Scutaro came up, and was down to his last strike when he hit a three run home run to win the game. Best ending to a baseball game ever! I’m a big fan of listening to sports on the radio, because it’s perfect for working on my jewelry & other creative projects.

I’ve also been making stuff while listening to pod casts on my I-pod, which I highly recommend. There are so many amazing craft podcasts available for free, and there’s nothing like listening to people talk about making things to inspire me to work on more projects! Craft Sanity, Craftcast, and Craftypod are a few of my favorite general craft podcasts, and if you like knitting, there are about a million – search I-tunes and you’ll find a bunch. If anyone reads this blog anymore, since I stopped posting every day, I’d love to hear about your favorite podcasts.

Labradorite Earrings Tuesday, Apr 10 2007 

labradorite earrings

New Pendant Tuesday, Apr 10 2007 

new resin pendant

Resin preview Wednesday, Apr 4 2007 

Here is one of the resin pieces I’ve been working on. It’s all cured and ready to be drilled and made into a pendant!

resin pendant with purple flower

Another piece in progress Tuesday, Mar 27 2007 

I saw a cute tutorial for a needlefelted charm/pendant on the podcast yesterday, and decided to try making something similar. Here is my piece in progress – it still needs some finishing touches and a bail, and probably a little bit more felting.

felt pendant in progress

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