BIG resin pendant – in progress Monday, Jun 11 2007 

large resin pendant in progressThis pendant is very large – I used the lid of a tin that had candy in it as my frame. Next I added the colored background and the long, snaky copper shape.

The feather is a pheasant feather that a friend from a bead forum sent me a few years ago – her husband hunts pheasants for food, and she had the idea to save all the feathers in case her crafty friends could use them in art projects. I like the idea of making use of every part of the animal, and not letting anything go to waste.

The little hardware bits were a find at the local salvage store near my studio. I bought a pound of assorted random hardware parts. I’ve been using found hardware in some of my resin work, but had used up all the interesting things I’d found on the street. Since the whole point of using found objects is that they are used and/or discarded, I was really excited to find neat looking scraps and tiny screws and things at the salvage store. I’m using someone else’s discarded items, and they were exactly the right things for making jewelry – tiny screws and nuts and washers, and some other tiny hardware bits that looked interesting. I spent some time sorting through the area that had metal and hardware scraps to find what I was looking for, but it was worth it. I plan on purchasing more jewelry supplies this way in the future – it’s economical, I find really interesting things, and it’s good for the environment to buy used and reuse things that would otherwise probably go to a dump somewhere.

I’m not sure what else is going into this pendant, but I think it’s going to be a good one. Definitely for the person who doesn’t mind making a statement – I think it’s three inches in diameter.


New Resin Pendant Wednesday, Jun 6 2007 

resin pendant with found hardware, paper flower, eyeshado This pendant includes a paper flower (still leftover from my wedding, which was a few years ago), an interesting piece of hardware I found, and a background I made from blending eyeshadow colors.

After Maven Fair… Wednesday, May 16 2007 

I made/finished a *ton* of new pieces last week in preparation for Maven Fair…but unfortunately was so focused on getting them finished that I didn’t take the time to properly photograph much of anything. I did snap some shots at Maven, but without my good lighting set-up, most of them didn’t turn out too well. Here’s one decent photo of a resin pendant:

brass, resin, silver, acrylic paint

And here’s a really bad picture of my favorite new fused pendant. I think I posted it in progress a few weeks ago, and it’s really beautiful now that it’s finished (yeah, tooting my own horn, but I’m really happy with it….). I’ll post a better pic after I take photos of the new stuff that I didn’t sell before photographing.

fused silver pendant with snake-like curves

Hopefully in the next few days I’ll be posting lots of pictures, especially of the latest batch of resin pendants. I have big plans to start working on some more all-metal pieces, and there’s a bracelet design floating around in my head, which is rare for me – I hardly ever make bracelets, but if my design idea works out, that could change. Maven Fair was a blast, but it’s always a relief to be finished with a show – they take so much of my energy for a week or two before the actual show, and of course the day of is always pretty busy.

I have some news – my work is now being represented at the House of Lyndon gallery in Gallup, New Mexico. They are showing some of my favorite wire wrapped pieces and some metalwork, including one of my fused fine silver pendants.

Also, I have a show coming up in San Jose on June 3rd. Details are on the Pleasanton Craft Mafia site .

More resin Friday, Apr 27 2007 

in progress - reversible resin pendantThis one is almost finished – it is actually reversible, with a completely different look on the other side (I’ll post that eventually, once the piece is finished).

This side is colored with two different kinds of makeup – a blue shimmery eyeshadow, and some silver glitter dust (which I never figured out what to do with in terms of makeup). To separate the two colors visually, I made a curvy corrugated brass shape.

Resin Tuesday, Apr 17 2007 

hardware resin pendants in progress

New Pendant Tuesday, Apr 10 2007 

new resin pendant

Resin preview Wednesday, Apr 4 2007 

Here is one of the resin pieces I’ve been working on. It’s all cured and ready to be drilled and made into a pendant!

resin pendant with purple flower

Getting back on track Tuesday, Mar 27 2007 

Completing a project & posting it every day has proved to be too difficult, with my full time job and other commitments – of course I could make a very simple pendant every day, as I was doing on busy days when I started the project, but that isn’t very fulfilling and doesn’t really get me any closer to my goals.

So my new goal is to work on a project every day. I want to make more of the beautiful, complex pieces that I can feel truly proud of. I also want to focus on making more of the things that I tend to sell the most of, since these pieces help my bottom line and keep me in business.

And since this blog is outside of my jewelry business website, I want to continue posting experiments and in-progress pieces, even when they aren’t things I plan to develop as products. I like the idea of documenting my journey as a designer/artist, even when it doesn’t quite fit into my business plan.

So: here’s a picture of some resin pendants I’m working on. Some are nearly finished, and others will need several more layers of resin and/or objects added before they are ready to be drilled and made into pendants.

resin pendants in progressI’m pretty sure that most of these are going to be really nice when completed. I made good, rich colored backgrounds, and kept the additional elements simple, but textured, because these are the kinds of designs that tend to “pop” the most when complete. I plan to have all of these finished in time for my first show of the spring, a trunk show with the Pleasanton Craft Mafia on April 7th. I’m ordering supplies and displays today, to revamp my booth/table design for my spring shows, and really show off some of my best pieces. I’ll photograph some of the new displays once I get them.

My Process Monday, Mar 19 2007 

stamp pendants in progress Here are some stamp pendants in progress. I’ve been having some computer troubles, but wanted to post *something* even though I haven’t been able to edit my latest images yet. The pendants shown here have the images sealed and are awaiting their resin coating (which I actually already did, but I don’t have a picture of them finished).