365 Pendants was inspired by many creative people who have challenged themselves to create something every day.

From painting-a-day blogs, to writers who make a habit of journaling every day, to my jewelry maker friends who have participated in the Year of Jewelry and Four Seasons of Jewelry projects with me, I am inspired by people who make creating their regular goal.

For this project, I make a pendant every day for a year, and post pictures here. If all goes well, and I complete the project, I might even continue for longer than a year.

Edit: January 26, 2007: I’m still trying to stick with the project, a few months in. It’s really challenging to make and post something new, and I haven’t been able to keep up with the posting as well as I’d hoped. So, I am still trying to create something every day, but I’ve decided to sometimes post a weekly summary. Creating every day is supposed to be fun, not stressful – I have enough stress at my day job – so I’m adapting the project so that I’ll stick with it.