silver knot This knot is made from Argentium silver wire. The photo was taken after pickling off the excess flux, but before other cleaning and polishing – see why I like working with this stuff? Very minimal clean-up involved. I’ve since tumble polished it and now I’m trying to decide if it’s done – a very minimalist piece – or if it should have some stones and things added to it.

This is one of several knot pieces I have in progress at the moment. I’m happy with the knot aspect, which is something I’ve been thinking of playing with for a while, but I’m not sure quite where I’m going with these.

In the meantime, I’m finishing up some resin pieces that had been set aside since the Maven Fair. I have a show this Sunday with the Pleasanton Craft Mafia (it’s at A Work of Heart Studio, 1060 Willow #7 in San Jose, CA from 11:00-3:00) and I’m hoping to have most of the currently in-progress resin pendants finished in time for the show. I did the last layer of resin on about 5 or so last night, so if it sets up well, I should have time to drill & add bails, but the pieces that still need another layer most likely won’t be done until Guerilla Fashionista in July. But more about that later….