I made/finished a *ton* of new pieces last week in preparation for Maven Fair…but unfortunately was so focused on getting them finished that I didn’t take the time to properly photograph much of anything. I did snap some shots at Maven, but without my good lighting set-up, most of them didn’t turn out too well. Here’s one decent photo of a resin pendant:

brass, resin, silver, acrylic paint

And here’s a really bad picture of my favorite new fused pendant. I think I posted it in progress a few weeks ago, and it’s really beautiful now that it’s finished (yeah, tooting my own horn, but I’m really happy with it….). I’ll post a better pic after I take photos of the new stuff that I didn’t sell before photographing.

fused silver pendant with snake-like curves

Hopefully in the next few days I’ll be posting lots of pictures, especially of the latest batch of resin pendants. I have big plans to start working on some more all-metal pieces, and there’s a bracelet design floating around in my head, which is rare for me – I hardly ever make bracelets, but if my design idea works out, that could change. Maven Fair was a blast, but it’s always a relief to be finished with a show – they take so much of my energy for a week or two before the actual show, and of course the day of is always pretty busy.

I have some news – my work is now being represented at the House of Lyndon gallery in Gallup, New Mexico. They are showing some of my favorite wire wrapped pieces and some metalwork, including one of my fused fine silver pendants.

Also, I have a show coming up in San Jose on June 3rd. Details are on the Pleasanton Craft Mafia site .