Photos coming soon…I made some very cute, simple earrings out of tiny seashell & freshwater pearl charms. I liked the pink ones so much I made them again in green!

I’m trying my best to stay focused on creating something every day – it’s not easy. I have a feeling the oddly wintery weather (yeah, I know, it’s January, but I live in California….) is getting to me a little bit, because I haven’t felt very creative since the new year. Still, the exercise of making something, even if I don’t want to, is helping. I’ve been making loads of simple but cute earrings, which, though not as creative as some of my other work, are still fun jewelry, and I have over a month’s worth of brand new earrings. Seriously, in the last week, I’ve made enough earrings that if I wore a different pair every day, it would be the end of  February before I had to wear the same pair twice. I guess I should start calling the stores I sell to and see if they need more earrings!