January 26-27, 2007 Wednesday, Jan 31 2007 

I had a commissioned piece of jewelry to finish stringing and add a pendant to – it’s the piece shown here with a white pearl on the pendant & hanging from two strands of small white pearls. The other pendant shown used up the last of my square wire, so it’s time to order more!

silver pendant with peach freshwater pearlpearl necklace w/ silver and pearl pendant


January 22-25, 2007 Friday, Jan 26 2007 

This week, a funky felt pin and some pretty silver freeform pendants with freshwater pearls.

freeform pendant

another freeform pendant

one more freeform pendant
wool felt pin

January 18-21 Wrap-up Sunday, Jan 21 2007 

I feel like I’m back on track – here are pictures of just a few of the pendants I’ve made (or finished, since resin pieces are often started weeks before I finish them) since Thursday of this week.

The resin pendants all incorporate acrylic paint in some way – in two of them, the entire design element is painted, and in the other two, paint serves as a background with objects suspended in resin in front of the paint. The freeform pendant is made from gold-filled wire with a single freshwater pearl.resin/copper pendant

acrylic paint and resin pendant

copper mesh and resin pendant

gold filled freeform wire pendant

acrylic and resin pendant

January 16-17, 2007 Thursday, Jan 18 2007 

Photos coming soon…I made some very cute, simple earrings out of tiny seashell & freshwater pearl charms. I liked the pink ones so much I made them again in green!

I’m trying my best to stay focused on creating something every day – it’s not easy. I have a feeling the oddly wintery weather (yeah, I know, it’s January, but I live in California….) is getting to me a little bit, because I haven’t felt very creative since the new year. Still, the exercise of making something, even if I don’t want to, is helping. I’ve been making loads of simple but cute earrings, which, though not as creative as some of my other work, are still fun jewelry, and I have over a month’s worth of brand new earrings. Seriously, in the last week, I’ve made enough earrings that if I wore a different pair every day, it would be the end of  February before I had to wear the same pair twice. I guess I should start calling the stores I sell to and see if they need more earrings!

January 15, 2007 Tuesday, Jan 16 2007 

stone/pearl earringsYep, these are earrings….but they started out as a whole bunch of cute little bead-on-a-headpin charms. Lately I’ve really been liking the color and texture of bead clusters, so I made a whole bunch of bead dangles last night and clustered them together on sterling french wires. This pair has a green stone (I believe it is aventurine) and some dyed freshwater pearls.

January 14, 2007 Tuesday, Jan 16 2007 

twisted silver wire charm Just a simple little charm, made from twisted silver wire. I’ve been making lots and lots of earrings, but since this is a pendant project, I figured I should whip up something that qualifies as a pendant.

A few earrings from the new collection Sunday, Jan 14 2007 

crystal and pearl earringscrystal and pearl earringsI’m working on a bunch of earrings and coordinating pendants/necklaces that combine teardrop crystals and stones with small freshwater pearls.

Finally kicked the cold… Sunday, Jan 14 2007 

…and got into my studio. I’m making up for lost time this weekend, working on a collection of limited edition jewelry to sell on my website. I spent a lot of time at the studio yesterday, and will be spending most of the afternoon there today – and I have Monday off from my day job, so hopefully I’ll have three productive days in a row!

crystal and pearl pendant

January 6-7, 2007 Tuesday, Jan 9 2007 

knit necklaceOver the weekend, I had a cold & not much energy, so I did some knitting and crocheting in front of the TV instead of my usual jewelry work. This necklace/scarf is my first crocheted jewelry item – mostly I knit scarves, but I’ve made purses, a poncho, and a hat too. I’ve been wanting to experiment with designing my own accessories using yarn, and I came up with the idea to crochet a long lariat-style necklace that  would mimic the freeform flowy style I use with metal. This is the result. It could be done in wire too, but that would take me a lot longer than a weekend to complete.

Yesterday (Monday) I spent sleeping, so didn’t make anything, but I’m feeling a little better today and hopefully will get to my studio to work this evening.

January 5, 2007 Tuesday, Jan 9 2007 

This was Friday…I made a freeform pendant using square wire, but can’t find it now to photograph it. Once I find it, I’ll add the photo to this post.

argentium silver and pearl pendant

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