Taking a holiday break Tuesday, Dec 19 2006 

gold filled & freshwater pearl pendantI’m taking a little break from my project over the holidays because I realized it was just causing me to stress out, rather than being a fun thing where I “get” to make jewelry every day. I’m still making things, and will post a couple more times before the new year, but I’m taking a few weeks off from trying to attempt to do *anything* every day. I’ll start the 365 pendants project – making a pendant every day – again in January. In the meantime, here’s a pretty pendant I made with gold filled wire and pink-toned freshwater pearls.


The past week… Wednesday, Dec 13 2006 

…I’ve been making bead-on-headpin pendants, then turning them into earrings. Rather than bore whoever’s reading with an individual post for each day, I’ll just post a few pictures here, and start fresh with an actual pendant tonight to post tomorrow.

gold filled pearl earringssilver and pearl earrings

Playing Catch-up again Monday, Dec 11 2006 

It’s been a hectic few days over here – I did a show Sunday at the Oakland Museum, and had open studios on Saturday, plus the usual holiday social obligations. I don’t have much that’s exciting to show, but I have been working, and will post some pictures tomorrow of a few things I’ve made, and just for the heck of it, maybe some pictures from open studios too!

Decmber 5, 2006 Wednesday, Dec 6 2006 

gold filled pearl freeform pendantThis is kind of a side view of this pendant – the pearl really goes directly in front, with a nice swirl of gold filled wire behind it (or if you prefer, the swirl in front w/ the pearl behind – but either way it wouldn’t be worn off-center like it looks in the photo).

Anyway – I’m working on a small series of “monochromatic metallics” in some of my standard styles – freeform pendants, and earrings with various styles of handmade earwires – which I think capture the style I’m most known for, but would be easy to wear with a variety of clothing styles, since the only color in each piece is silver or gold. I’m planning on adding some of the earrings to a new shop section on my website as soon as I finish making shop pages.

December 4, 2006 Wednesday, Dec 6 2006 

pearl earringslittle bead on a head pin pendant that seemed like it would be a cuter earring than pendant…so I made another and these earwires and now I have some lovely new earrings to display at my show this weekend.

December 3, 2006 Monday, Dec 4 2006 

felt and stone pendantHappy Birthday to Nolan and Carey!

This pendant is made from stone beads, which I believe are serpentine, one of my hand-felted wool beads, and Argentium sterling silver.

I had my studio open on Sunday, but it was a pretty slow day, so I got to work on jewelry, read, and just relax in my studio. I figured out a few new ways to use my felt “beads” in jewelry, which is good – I make them because they are fun to make and I like the colors, but since I am in business making jewelry, practical applications are definitely a good thing!

December 2, 2006 Monday, Dec 4 2006 

orange/purple beaded felt pendantI actually got kind of into the beading aspect of decorating this felt piece, and did a peyote stitch bail. It’s been probably four years since I’ve done anything peyote stitch. I think if I had done some beaded beads back when I was really into beadwork, I might have stuck with it longer – making a little peyote bail is a lot faster than trying to do an entire freeform peyote cuff bracelet (although if you have the patience, freeform peyote cuffs are gorgeous….).

The Pleasanton Craft Mafia Open House was on the 2nd. It was so much fun! There are a lot of very talented ladies in the mafia, and they’re all really nice people too. It was great to finally meet the group in person.

December 1, 2006 Monday, Dec 4 2006 

beaded felt beadSome quick beading on one of my felt beads – starting to get the hang of beading with a needle and thread again.

November 30, 2006 Monday, Dec 4 2006 

beaded felt pendantAnother beaded felt pendant…this one went a little more smoothly than the first.