crocheted pearl pendantI was reading a book on bead crochet yesterday, and decided to do a little wire crochet.This was the result.

It’s been a while since I’ve done wire crochet, and I was surprised by the way adding the pearls made my chain curve around – for the design I had in mind, I should have used a larger hook. But, since it naturally formed a little circle, I decided to go with it, joined the ends together, and made a little wrapped loop on the back.

Wire crochet is tough on the hands! I remember now why I only completed two complex projects back when I was doing more of it – my hands get tired, and it takes a really long time to finish anything with much detail. Crocheting with yarn is much easier, at least for me. I also made a long wire and pearl crocheted chain, using the same colored purple wire & pearls, but I didn’t like the pendant and chain together, so the chain is now a very long necklace (long enough to wrap around twice pretty easily) by itself.